What’s your preferred adrenaline rush?

It probably won’t come as any great surprise to those of you who’ve read Perfect Intentions that I’m a huge fan of horror/thriller/slasher movies. Texas chainsaw massacre, the Saw series, Final Destination to name a few, are all stalwarts of my viewing habits. My other weakness is comedy (couldn’t get much further removed) and more on that later. However, going back to the horror genre for a moment, I remember being asked by a friend (who balks at the idea of sitting down to watch Bambi- thanks to the level of violence in the opening scene) why it was I enjoyed being “scared” watching a movie. I had to think for a moment and then it occurred; the reason I enjoy horror movies is the same reason people enjoy getting onto roller coasters (something you wouldn’t catch me doing in a fit as it happens) it’s the feeling of being terrified. On a roller coaster it’s the lack of control of the situation that makes your heartbeat faster and your breathing increase. With a movie it’s the empathy towards the protagonist that causes the same physical responses (unless the main protagonist is particularly irritating in which case you may find yourself egging on the antagonist)

My point being when I started writing that’s what I wanted to achieve, I want to take you, the reader on a roller coaster ride. I want you to feel the highs and lows of the characters and ultimately I want you to exit the experience wanting back on.

So dear friend, that’s my hand extended- now will you come with me on this ride…?

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