The calm before the storm…Make the most of it with a good (and bargain) book ;-)

Yes, that’s right New Years is almost upon us…again!

Every year it takes me unawares.

So what will you be doing?

Spending it with friends and family?

Going out and making the most of your various vices before vowing never to return to them for the New Year?

(Yep, I fall for that every year too)

Whatever you’re doing I wish you a fine and happy one, and if you’re looking for something to occupy yourself on the run up to the celebrations- may I humbly suggest a good read?

Perfect Intentions is available for 99C/99p this week, it’s already proving popular and there’s only another 3 days to go before it returns to its original price, so get in quick and finish the year with a good book.

Happy Holidays!!!

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